Producteur : Domaine de Gavaisson
Appellation: Côtes de Provence

Domaine de Gavaisson

Domaine de Gavaisson 2018 Inspiration 

Of a medium lemon yellow colour, the nose is clean and intense with ripe tropical fruit such as pineapple, fresh mango, white floral reminding jasmine, citrus blossom, citrus and zests such as citron fruit. The palate is dry with moderate, still fresh acidity, the texture is silky and coats the light phenolics and pleasant zesty bitterness with layers and layers, also thanks to the elevated alcohol. No warmth, just some spices, the wine is fleshy, intense with mango, pineapple and nectarine fruit, flowery character and zests – both yuzu and tangerine, lingering on the long, refreshing finish. Keep for 3-4 years. Slightly pan seared Dublin Bay Prawn, green pees bavaroise with mint and mango jelly

Domaine de Gavaisson 2017 Inspiration 

Pale lemon yellow colour, its delicate and airy nose with stony character, almost kerosene – like, reminds certain stages of evolution of Riesling. Zesty essences come along, citron fruit, yuzu, on citrusy verbena background. As the wine breathes, it opens upon vine peach, white blossom. More complex then intense. Dry, supple, both by texture and its melting, moderate acidity, though the feeling is fresh. The wine has a large and silky mouthfeel enhanced by its generous character. A slightly bitter character contrasts with this texture. More intense than the nose, it shows citrus and zests, juicy white peach, the finish is long with refined verbena hints, citron fruit peel. Salivating, stony, pending between body and elegancy. Already pleasant, it can open over the next 2-3 years to probably live up to 6-8 years or so. It perfectly complement a verbena steamed Dublin Bay Prawn, caviar lemon, oyster leaf flower infusion. Slightly roasted scallops, bergamot scented mashed potatoes can make a fleshier match, still flavoursome.

Domaine de Gavaisson 2016 Inspiration 

Lemon yellow colour, bright and brilliant. Nose is delicate, with flowery notes such as hawthorn, together with some nectarine peach and sweet pineapple. Stony background with aniseed and citron fruit zests. Fresh, of a high level of complexity, with well-defined aromas despite their delicacy. Youthful and airy. Palate is dry, of medium acidity, rich texture, silky with consistency, alcohol is medium plus, still temperate by the freshness. More intense than the nose, peach, honey, acacia flowers complete the profile. Lots of spices and balsamic zests, finishing on a savoury bitterness, both aromatic and long. Good balance of texture ad flavours, alcohol and acidity. Youthful, can be cellared for 7-8 years before reaching potential, 10-12 years and more for aging. Should pair well with Dublin Bay Prawn in an infusion of cardamom and oysterleaf tartar

Domaine de Gavaisson 2015 Inspiration

Of a pale-yellow colour, the wine offers pronounced aromas ranging from pears, golden apple, and peaches to hints of citrus reminding the citron fruit. This primary, youthful character comes along with airy flowery notes of honeysuckle and hawthorn. Ripe, complex, well-defined. The palate shows medium acidity and a certain richness typical to the vintage. It totally reflects the nose in terms of the intense flavours: all the fruity panel and some zesty citron fruit that gives a pleasant bitter touch on the finish. Its rich mouthfeel and long finish, complete the feeling of a medium to full bodied wine. Enjoy now or wait for 2-3 years up to the full development, the wine can be cellared for 6-7 years.

Domaine de Gavaisson 2014 Inspiration

Of a pale yellow-lemon colour, the nose shows primary aromas of citrus mainly, such as juicy lemon, zests and grapefruit mingling with some tropical pineapple. Fine herbs and stony, flinty hints mix up to complement the fresh, complex and well-defined nose. The palate is lean, with medium plus acidity perfectly balancing the moderate alcohol and smooth texture. The flavours seem more intense on the palate ant perfectly remind the nose. The finish is long, the wine has a medium body and lots of personality. Can drink now but has potential for aging: 4 to 5 years at least!

Château Barbeyrolles

Producteur : Château Barbeyrolles
Appellation: Côtes de Provence

Description: Pétale de rose 2016

Rose petal pink with some salmon tinges. The nose shows solar, spicy intensity, mixing up sweet aromas of nectarine, exotic citrus, with a touch of liquorice and aniseed. Dry, with soft texture, tangy refreshing acidity, quite generous otherwise, its chewy mouthfeel highlighted by spices and zests. The Mourvèdre from the blend brings some structure here, framed by some light, savoury “tannic” touch and a hint of aromatic pepper lingering on the finish. Long, balanced, persistent, intense, a sum of elements that can give it a cellaring potential of 5 years or more. It also charms today, matching well with salmon tataki in pink pepper crust and butternut purée.

Producteur : Château Barbeyrolles
Appellation: Côtes de Provence

Description : Pétale de rose 2015

The pastel- pink color shows some orange hues. The nose is delicate, with délicate perfumes such as juicy redcurrant and sweet strawberry. Fresh floral notes reminding the peony mix up with some blood orange flavors.

The palate is supple, with a satin like fresh and light texture. The fruity notes are ripe, some noble bitterness, as well as the licorice hints, bring structure and long aftertaste to this wine that can perfectly match fish terrine or raw shrimp on fennel and orange salad.

Domeniile Vinarte

Producteur : VINARTE Romania – Castel Stârmina
Appellation: DOC- CMD Mehedinţi- Stârmina

Description :

Domeniile Vinarte « Intre Dunăre şi Soare » 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon – Feteasca Neagra 13% abv.

Medium ruby with garnet hues. Charming nose offering blueberries and blackberries on a juicy cherry background spiced up with cinnamon and nutmeg, together with a light herbal twist. A hint of vanilla and cocoa come along. The palate is dry and lean with vivid acidity and firm, fairly elevated tannins wrapped with silky texture. Fresh fruit bursts with blueberries, blackberries, complemented by oak derived spices. With generous, however not warming core, it is balanced and rather long, with salivating and spicy finish. Keep it for 3-5 years.